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How we Deliver

Experience of working with all types of Telecoms organisations.

• Typically, our consultants have proven in-depth technical, commercial, legal & regulatory experience working for new / established companies, governments & regulators in a range of closed and newly liberalised telecoms markets.

• Our consultants have played leading roles in several countries, including: England, Ireland, Spain, Nigeria, India, Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Finland & Sweden.

• Focus on all telecoms market sectors and leading-edge technologies

• The specialist expertise and capability in house to deliver

New Venture
Your new venture could be a start up company, or a new project or service to help build a developing or established company. Either way, you will need exceptional strategic planning to help attract investors, and fast and effective implementation to get products to market rapidly so that revenues start to flow.

Developing companies
You are a growing company. You have won some market share, but you are ambitious and its time to move on. You need to take stock, review plans and refocuses your efforts. The emphasis now is on increasing profitability rather than just market share, and you will want to identify potential for growth.

Established companies
It is a tough competitive world, and getting tougher all the time. Markets are de-regulating and there is no shortage of global investors ready to back fledging ventures and technology advances.

You need to protect your position; to build the business to stay out in front and to keep your shareholders happy. Strategic alliances may be called for, or at least new ventures and diversification.
We have worked with some of the world's largest telecom companies and we are ready to help you meet the challenge of competition. We will help you reposition yourself to enter new liberalised markets and to plan for new technologies. Wherever you face the threat of new competition, ALDUCO can help you fight back.

Regulators & Governments
Regulators & Governments need to understand the impact of international telecoms market and regulatory developments, and how to formulate and continuously update a strategy that will create the right balance between investment and competition. Alduco Telecom is a highly respected advisor to the telecoms industry.