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Management Seminars

Target Audience:
These Management seminars are designed for management, decision makers, government officials & executives in Telecommunications. The seminars are tailored to the customer's requirements & cover the following: telecommunications overview, types of service providers, trends, regulation, strategy & more.

The telecommunications industry is buffeted by unprecedented change at both the network and applications levels. Competition is fierce, with established monopolies being broken up and new companies entering the market. To succeed in this uncertain environment, market participants must master new and fundamental challenges.

Players need to understand the direction in which markets are evolving, to influence the development of local and international regulatory environments, to choose the appropriate technologies, and to employ competitive pricing strategies. Only then can they ensure that they succeed in a sector where there is more competition than ever.

Regulators and governments need to understand the impact of international telecoms market and regulatory developments, and how to formulate and continuously update a policy that will create the right balance between investment & competition.

Duration: 1 day

Alduco is a highly respected advisor to the telecoms industry. We can provide advice across all areas of telecoms.